Ria Verlinden

'Systemic wisdom from South Africa in dialogue with family constellations'
(Deze avond gaat door in het Engels en of Zuid-Afrikaans)

Ria Verlinden will talk about the link between the wisdom of the Sangoma (traditional healer) in South Africa and family constellations.

How do we translate the connection with our Ancestors in constellations and family development ?
The old wisdom of the Mother Continent has a lot to offer. We want to give you a first glimpse of this rich and ancient healing practice that is often simple. .. never easy. We focus on family systems and other intimate relationships. The basic theory of constellation work will have a reflection with the way of the Ancestors and clinical psychology.

A lot for one evening .. but I'll give it a try.

If you would like to read something in advance:
'Kind en familielot' (Ingrid Dijkstra)
'Familiesopstellingen en shamanisme' (Daan van Kampenhout)
'Oude kennis voor nieuwe tijden' (Joska Soos, Yurek Onzia)


In 1982 Ria Verlinden left the diamond sector in Antwerp to train as a Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor. Fifteen years later she added systemic work to her repertoire and that is now a large part of her approach to groups and individuals.
For the first time in 1987 she met a shaman, Joska Soos, which had a deep impact on her further development. From him she received her shaman drum. She has rich teachings from traditional healers and weaves that in her western training as a coach and consultant. Ria’s work in Belgium, the Czech Republic, South Africa and the Netherlands has given opportunities to look from different perspectives at the same topic.
She is now co-creating ‘Corporate Rituals’ with a group of consultants who investigate how old wisdom can be respectfully integrated into team and business